Success story – Enel




Web Dispatch

We develop software focused on optimizing Enel’s response to power grid failures.


Enel was using standard delivery software to organize its repair crews in the field, wasting resources and time. That is why there was a need to create customized and specialized software to improve its services. The solution developed had to manage a large amount of data, failures in the city’s power grid, and process hundreds of power loss calls.


Once we understood the business model and identified the problems, we began using technological tools to provide a comprehensive solution. Magnet developed software called “Web Dispatch” which allowed us to geolocate and segment the information on power loss calls. In this way, huge amounts of data can be processed to pinpoint possible points of failure in the network, and generate an immediate response from personnel.

Based on new challenges, Magnet develops “Map” a user interface that shows the internal processes of “Web Dispatch” and allows a visual representation of the affected areas in the electrical network.

Both solutions result in the development of different functions and modules that allow adjusting the project to the new paradigms of the industry, scaling its usability over time.


Optimization in response times and a better organization of personnel. For its part, “Map” has been of enormous value to Enel, allowing it to visualize the problems in the electricity grid and the result of the proposed solutions.

All the information necessary for the software operation is constantly updated, prolonging its useful life and the value of the work carried out by Magnet.

Let’s get to work on your project!

Let’s get to work

on your project!