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and don’t stop selling!

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Transform your online store into a mobile app with us

What is Wapiti App?

It is a platform for creating e-commerce mobile applications that boosts sales and fits your business model.

What are the benefits
of having a mobile application?

You will be able to generate more
with a new sales channel

Customer loyalty with a direct
means of communication

Facilitates the purchase by improving the
user experience

In just 3 steps we give shape to your app

We design

We define the features and design of your mobile store.

We develop

We establish the structure to implement the operation.

We launched

We publish the application in the App Store and Google Play.

How do we boost your sales?

Higher conversion with exclusive offers
in your mobile application

Market launch with a shorter time
implementation time

Increase your brand’s visibility
of your brand in the app stores

Our application is compatible with
e-commerce platforms

If you have another platform and want to work with us

Our Plan

Don’t stop selling with Wapiti App

Your First App

300 UF

Administration panel

User login

Personal data

Previous orders

Methods of payment

Product Catalog

Shopping cart

Look & feel (brand colors and logo)

Premises and hours

Marketplace availability: IOS & Android

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