Success story – Ripley





We developed an application that allows to renew and streamline the sales system at Ripley for mobile devices.


Selling mobile devices was tough and depended on the presence of multiple partners. In this sense, the challenge consisted of the design, construction and implementation of a software that would make it possible to streamline the procedure, organize and protect sales.


To achieve a robust app capable of supporting multiple operations necessary in the sale of a mobile device, we started developing a Backoffice in the Django framework and a Backend, developed in the same framework, to handle all the logic of the connections.

In addition, it was necessary to integrate the services of different mobile operators into the software, with different technological priorities and technical levels. To ensure the protection of customer data, biometric identity verification was integrated into the login and sales functions of the application.

During the project, they discovered the need for a new commission system, as commissions were being sorted and calculated analogously. Magnet proposed a more flexible and orderly system to Ripley, obtaining their approval and integrating this solution directly into Rphone.


At the end of the project, the full-time mobile device sales were reduced to a third of their original time, and the need for multiple collaborators to complete them was eliminated. Lastly, the implementation of a new, more controllable, and flexible in-app commission system proved invaluable to Ripley‘s salespeople.

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Let’s get to work

on your project!