Success story – Government of Chile


Government of Chile



Magnet develops the official government website, used to report on campaigns, news and search for state services


Each new regime created a website from scratch. This time the project had to be the solution to this problem, leaving in Magnet’s hands the development of a useful and versatile website, capable of adapting to each administration.


The main objective of the site was to inform the public about news, institutions, authorities and government campaigns. In this context, a content management system or CMS with three modules was implemented. Responsible for organizing and publishing news, managing all published campaigns and reporting on government entities.

Subsequently, 3 more modules had to be implemented. One of emergency that changes the layout of the site and informs visitors of the events. The second streaming and takes over the state’s live broadcasts,}. And a third party that enhances its autonomy or management, allowing its administrators to create landing pages.

Finally, the site had to comply with the standards of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), allowing the understanding and inclusive use of web resources. In this sense, Magnet made sure that the layoutof the site was clear, with defined sections and titles highlighted by size and color. In addition, a ReadSpeaker was added that allows the texts to be read aloud, ensuring that the site is useful for the greatest number of users.


Given that the project was developed in such a way that its administrators can directly manage the website, giving them total autonomy and it was done in compliance with the standards of usability and inclusive content by the OECD. For the first time in history, the portal remains the official site of the Government of Chile.

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