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Government Laboratory


Impacta, and Red de Innovadores

We develop three projects with robust platforms, under a complex design and according to government security protocols


The platforms requested by the client must be able to support huge numbers of users, ensure their agile operation under a complex design and in the case of Labgob, it only took a month to complete the development.

Lastly, all these projects must be carried out under strict security and privacy measures that the State considers necessary, which adds a further level of complexity to the process.


Based on Impacta’s needs regarding volume, user support and review of applications by the client, the entire architecture of the site was developed to support high demands. Work was also done on the site’s back office, allowing its administrators to manage contests and funds without the need for external intermediaries.

Labgob, for its part, represents a challenge due to its dynamic design and the short time agreed for delivery. However, a page was developed that works smoothly, despite its complex structure.

Finally, the Red de Innovadores project needs a smooth operation despite its intricate design, intercommunication needs and state-owned security protocols. In this case, Magnet connected the platform with an internal account, recognized by state emails and which allows the exchange of emails.


Impacta is a robust platform capable of supporting and allowing interaction, without external agents, of an immense number of simultaneous users. On the other hand, Labgob works smoothly with its dynamic design and is editable by its administrators. It should be noted that this was achieved in the record time requested by the client.

Red de Innovadores is a working platform that manages to connect government officials regardless of their location, allowing them to work together to save time and resources.

Let’s get to work on your project!

Let’s get to work

on your project!