Success story – MiSuper


Ministry of Economy


Mi super is a web platform that allows the entry and review of the required paperwork for the project’s setting up and licensing.


The main interests of the project were to implement a functional interface for users, integrating multiple services and state institutions. Also that the platform supports a large amount of information, allowing the optimization of paperwork.


The biggest challenge was to meet the client’s expectations regarding the unification of documents and the management of procedures involving several government institutions through a single platform. With this purpose, we combined efforts with the Digital Government Division to design a parallel API that would establish communications between the DGD and the government agencies, making protocols more flexible and increasing the response time for each request.

To come up with a solution, there was a great human and technical effort in collaboration with multiple institutions and the DGD We document each of the agreements, and later the functionality for National Assets was implemented, with the intention that any other organization could use the API to receive and report the progress of procedures.


Despite several drawbacks, Magnet fulfilled its commitments, including collaborating on extra implementation and design processes.

Finally, the project was delivered according to the defined goals, with a robust and functional platform for the applications request.

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Let’s start working

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