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CARE is a foundation led by Cecilia Bolocco that supports patients diagnosed with cancer. Magnet developed a communication platform between doctors and patients.


The main causes of cancer deaths in our country are misinformation and a lack of resources to request a second diagnosis. To mitigate this, CARE used email as a communication channel between patients/guardians and doctors. Due to the high volume of requests, staff could not follow up on each case.

The biggest technical challenge in the platform implementation centered on the patient flow, it had to be responsive for mobile use and the form had to allow the documentation attachments and submissions.


3 key profiles were identified to manage the flow of information and communication:

Patient: this profile contemplates the login, creation of patients with their data, and form for sending consultation and exams.

Administrator: in charge of validating and managing the information sent by patients in order to assign a doctor to each case.

Doctor: Receives all patient information and generates a diagnosis on the case.


A communication application was built that allows clarity and tracking of the history between patients and doctors. In addition, it allows the organization to process a greater number of requests, optimizing its time in the management of a transparent and scalable process.

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Let’s start working on your project!