Success story – Falabella




Assortment Planning

We buildan intelligent spreadsheet system to automate processes in Falabella’s logistics planning.


There was a vertical scheme in the organization of budgets in Falabella that began with the directory and ended with the store managers. Between them, there was complex staff machinery that organized the information, but its production consumed too many resources and time given the size of the company, the solutions proposed by Magnet had to be able of handling the volume of data generated across 4 countries.


Through internal process consulting, technological solutions adapted to specific needs were established. First, by creating smart spreadsheets that automatize budget management and generate a monthly forecast.

Secondly, with the creation of a desktop application in C-Sharp to generate dynamic tables that manage to reduce the operation time by half. Finally, Magnet develops a proposal based on assortment planning. An Excel Plug-In to segment imports and define logistics management.


Falabella improves the budget and import organization processes thanks to a smart spreadsheet structure. Both innovation products influenced a breakthrough in the product acquisition and organization process. Improving internal communication, reducing costs and optimizing production time at the corporate level.

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Let’s get to work

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