Success story – Entel




Car Sharing Platform

We developed an application for Entel under the concept of “carpooling” that allows sharing trips within the company.


One of Entel‘s clients is having trouble managing its fleet of vehicles. Also, users face a lot of duplicate trips. The challenge of this project is the development of an app that adjusts to the client’s needs and that also integrates with the Google Map and Tattersall services.


Magnet begins to work on the development of the application based on Entel‘s requests, ensuring that it offers the possibility of creating new trips or joining one already created to share this trip with other users. In order for the cars to be easily located, Google Maps services are integrated into the Car Sharing application developed.

Finally, the client requests that the functionality of requiring more cars in cases of high demand be added to the platform, so Tattersall‘s services (rent car services) were integrated into the project.


The web platform developed allows the management and location of the different vehicles in the fleet, matching trips to users with similar routes. A robust application is built, with the required capabilities that satisfy the company’s customer.

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