Success story – CHC





Magnet creates an Odoo module that adjusts the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to the client’s needs.


CHC requires that the module developed for this system have full integration with the services of the Internal Revenue Service. As the project moves forward, the client discovers the need to migrate a considerable amount of data from the old ERP to Pontus, leaving the task in Magnet’s hands.


First of all, we are dedicated to analyzing the client’s internal management to implement Odoo, performing a GAP analysis. This step was necessary to ensure the correct development and operation of the new ERP system.

As Magnet developed Pontus, CHC defined the amount of information it wanted to migrate from its old system, resulting in the need to migrate data accumulated over decades of operation. Our team worked in parallel to automate this process, allowing that in the Pontus implementation, all the information from the old system was available to its users.

Finally, we take care of the integration with the services of Chile’s Internal Revenue Service, a process that is achieved cleanly and efficiently.


Pontus is successfully implemented, automating the internal processes of the company. The data migration from the old ERP was successful and the data is available from day one. The integration to the Pontus SII was a key point for the client to manage the processes autonomously, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

Let’s get to work on your project!

Let’s get to work

on your project!